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Whoo-hoo! I just found a reference to SCA-period khlii (spelled 
khali' - but those North Africans are always misplacing their vowels) 
in an article about Medieval Maghribi and Andalusi Sufis in the 
journal "Medievales" (it's French).

The reference dates either to the Almoravid (1062-1150) or Almohad 
(1150-1269) period. The Moroccan author of the article, written in 
French, referred to it simply as dried meat preserved in melted fat 
(viande sechee conservee dans de la graisse), although i don't know 
if they based their description on period descriptions or on modern 
khlii. The original source described this particular khlii as made of 
mouflon (see note below).

My Source
(leaving out all the accent marks)

"Medievales", No 33 - Automne 1997
Cultures et nourritures de l'occident musulman
Essais dedies a Bernard Rosenberger

in the article
"Furgalite soufie et banquets de zaouyas : l'eclairage des sources 
Halim Ferhat
pp. 69-79

The reference is on p. 77 (i haven't quite finished reading the 
article) I'm going to double check after i finish the article - the 
source isn't footnoted on p. 77, but since the same Sufi saint is 
referred to earlier in the article, i may be able to find it.

I'm reading my way through the entire journal. I've finished 5 
articles, i'm reading the 6th, and there are 4 more to go...

NOTE: Mouflon are a type of wild sheep (ovis musimon)
[this is a terrific website for learning about domesticated animals]

Mouflon are in a group of Caprinae called "goat antelopes"
Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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