[Sca-cooks] A&S display at Gulf Wars, Gunthars entry

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Thank you very much, Olwen, for posting these images.  I missed them completely... caught only the last 4 or 5 remaining at 4pm <sigh>.  Gunthar's food looks really good, and I am so sad I missed it (it was gone from the room by the time I walked over there).

Were you doing all or most of the teaching at the Artisan's Row Culinary sessions?  I was at the Fine Arts, so we missed meeting, I'm sure.

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A&S display for war points at Gulf Wars.


Here is the first image of Gunthars entry.  It's the last picture on the link above, if you go to the next page you can see individual dishes.  The light coloured sausage was FAB and the mustard was to die for.  I almost stole the pot.  I did not try the capon but tried the rest and truely enjoyed it all.


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