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Fri Mar 21 19:36:30 PDT 2008

Try your local gov. website for times and fees. In my town in MO it is a one
evening class where you take the test after the movie and the cost was $10
Maybe these might help,



Usually it doesn't break the bank to get one as all restuarant workers that
handle food MUST have one, even McD's crew. Actually everyone that works at
McD's has to have one, even the lobby guy.

As for missing "Lost" (tape malfunction shut off after Ben's daughter stood
up to say she was Ben's daughter so that she wouldn't get shot. :P) That all
depends on when the class is scheduled.

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I don't want to attend a cooking school for a few years, although
that would be great, because i can't afford the expense or time and
i'm never going to be a professional cook (i'm too old and decrepit).

However, i've been toying with the idea of getting a food handlers
license or certificate or whatever it is. I'm sure it varies from US
state to state - i'm in California.

Where should i be looking for classes that won't break the bank or
make me miss "Lost" on Thursdays?
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