[Sca-cooks] Walnut Oil in Cooking (WAS RE: Cleaning plastic and wooden cutting boards)

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> I get it out of my fridge.  And at Restaurant Depot but I 
> have seen it a some of the better locations of chains like 
> Safeway and Giant.  It is very interesting to mix it with a 
> bit of seseame oil and butter.
> Olwen
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> >> Ok, Dragon, so, where do we get walnut oil?
> >
> > I've gotten walnut oil at the grocery store, but I'm not sure this
> > the same stuff that Dragon is talking about -- Dragon?
> >
> > toodles, margaret

Margaret and at least part of her crew of heraldic types have
experienced pork roasted in a paper bag (Hi, Margaret!)

One of the best renditions I ever made of the recipe used 1/3
[proportionally] each walnut, hazlenut, and olive oils in the salt &
herb mix coating the outside of the loin roast -- gave it the best
coloring I've achieved, and added a mildly nutty flavor to the meat.

(A recipe for a version of this dish is somewhere in the list archives
to the best of my knowledge -- the key factors are slow roasting and
oiling the bag combined with NO PEEKING during the roasting process.
With reasonably moist meat to start, the sealed bag insures steam
cooking and allows even lean cuts to be moist & nearly if not completely

Adieu, Amra / ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe

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