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Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Sun Mar 23 14:34:31 PDT 2008

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Hello, not sure if it was me you were refering to but i have a quail and
bacon recipe that i have used...
Small Birds (quail, grilled over coals with bacon wrapped around it)

SMALL BIRDS. Pluck dry and leave the feet, and spit through the body: and
between each

two put a piece of fat bacon tanned[70] like a leaf (or parchment page).

from Le Menegier

when I did it, i skewered 4 quail per skwer, and wrapped bacon and skewerred
90 degrees from former to make a "screen" for easy flipping over the
fire..cooks very quickly

James  > > > > > >

This may be a similar recipe to an Italian classic named something like
"ucille" . . which is actually song birds.  We're talking larks, jaysm,
cardinals, robins, whatever the net catches.  Not my cup of feathers,


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