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Mon Mar 24 07:45:24 PDT 2008

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I scheduled my original one through the Extension
office, the renewal for work was a Serv-Safe program
and took place in a hotel conference room in SF.  They
were both a one-day class with the exam at the end.

California recognized two certificates several years
ago, the California Certified Food Handlers/Manager's
certificate and also the Serv-Safe.  > > > > >

The restaurants country wide are in constant need of receritifcation in
ServSafe or the other big one.  So, that community college idea, the
ServeSafe website are good sources.  Another 'hidden' one is nearby
fodservice distributors like USFoodservice, Sysco, Roma/Vistar, and others.
They often run classes for their restaurant customers.  I paid $75 or $100
for my last one, and it is good for three years or so.  It gets into some
light microbiology, HCAAP plans, and food handling time/temp stuff.  Really
handy info when haggling with the health inspector about perceived

Mistress Christianna is an instructor here in Atlanta, and will probably
drop in the thread eventually if there are other good ideas.

niccolo difrancesco
(A;so a food professional . . . and a 99 on last inspection)

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