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Nut allergies are tricky-our oldest (nearly 6) is allergic to peanuts and 
brazil nuts, but not tree nuts, but, being a little kid, doesn't really like 
nuts anyway. We've gotten very good at reading the microprint on the back of 
package lables; it's amazing how many things have peanuts in them even if 
they are not labeled as peanut flavor. And sometimes an item will have 
peanuts in it without a label or an ingredients list, but that's another 
Anyway, from my researches on this topic, it appears that the allergenic 
ingredient for peanuts is not present in refined peanut oil, but is present 
in cold-pressed peanut oil. All the kids' meals at Chick-Fil-A and other 
temples of rapid cuisine have not caused a problem, and Chick Fil A uses 
peanut oil, don;t know about the other ones.
But, erring on the side of caution, peanuts just don't exist in our world 
right now, except for when she learned about George Washington Carver at 
school (aarggh!).
So, refined peanut oil is probably OK, from what I understand.

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>>>I have found that walnut oil is a better oil for use on wood in food
>> Just remember that you used it, if you cook for anyone with nut 
>> allergies.
>> Maybe it cures enough to be safe, but you wouldn't want to find out the
>> hard way.
>> Olive oil allergies can be an issue too.
>> Ra
> I wouldn't use any nut for that reason.  Of course, I have one person in 
> the
> local group that has an anaphylactic reaction to nuts.  It makes me very
> cautious about cross contamination.
> Another friend has problems with peanuts.  When I whipped up a chocolate
> cake with peanut butter cream frostind and chocolate ganache glaze for the
> nut allergy's birthday one year, I made a Grand Marnier cake for the 
> peanut
> allergy.  Those of us without allergies enjoyed both.
> Bear
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