[Sca-cooks] Chafing dishes?

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Mon Mar 24 10:45:10 PDT 2008

Terry Decker wrote:
>If you take a look at Diego Velasquez's "Old Woman Cooking," the subject is
>preparing eggs in a ceramic chafing dish, although painted in 1618, such
>dishes were probably in use earlier.  The Hull City Museums lists a 16th
>Century chafing dish in its collection,
>  I haven't encountered references to chafing dishes before the 16th Century,
>but this is not necessarily conclusive.  The ones that I have found appear
>to be primarily ceramic heated by a small charcoal braizer.  You might do
>well to check houlehold inventories for other examples.
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Cool, thanks.

I also have information I just received from Master Hroar (pottery 
Laurel in Caid) about some examples and he has pointed me to a book 
documenting them.

I'll share more info when I get it if anyone is interested.


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