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Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Mon Mar 24 14:49:19 PDT 2008

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And more peeps???  you don't HAVE to give up meat for lent you know, unless
you are Catholic, that is. (Visuallize me in my nuns garb (Sister Mary
Francis Ruler here, screeching ..."blasphemyyyyyyy...blasphemyyyyyy!")

how about shellfish?

Sabina  > > > >

Those Eatern Orthodox guys get serious about lent.  They go the full monty
with no dairy, animal flesh and all.  I get the feel that it is more similar
to the Medieval Lenten Fast than the modern American Catholic Lenten Fast.
Pascha is a really big celebration for the Greek and Eastern Orthodox folks
I know (yeah, they are really similar).  Sundays and feast days are welcome
relief to the lenten brutality of no cheeseburgers :o)

niccolo difrancesco

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