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While I didn't participate in my usual Lenten fast this year, I've done it full-bore for several years in the past.  Even Sundays.  I always did end up exploring vegetarian cuisines.  And I ate a fair amount of sushi.
Some year, if I can afford it, I'd like to do 40 days of lentils and stockfish and salt cod and medieval recipes.  I'm so landlocked, though, that fish is pretty prohibitively expensive...
I wouldn't make a good vegan, either, I'm afraid.  I like my honey and milk and cheeseeeeeee (mmmmm!) and butter.   And I almost have more wool and silk in the house than I do books, which is really saying something!
It's an interesting experience, going the whole 40 days by choice.  It can be completely amazing to realize some things about one's relationship with what one eats.....
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  A-yup. I went the whole 40 days without meat, eggs, or dairy- except 
  for Sundays as Niccolo noted. Going out to eat was a pain, and there 
  was plenty of time here at home that I couldn't stand the though of 
  more fish so I went with a bowl of brown rice and some veggies. 
  Yesterday's brunch with a slab o' Ham and eggs and milk in my tea... ahh.

  I think I would not make a good vegan. Ovo-lacto vegetarian, maybe. 
  But me likey cheeze too much! I can has cheeeezeee!


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