[Sca-cooks] Foods available in early Anglo Saxon England

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>Berries and food tend not to be good dye stuffs.  The Roman used 
>black and white beets,  but not red ones, I'm not sure when red 
>beets were first used, and they aren't a very good dye anyway.

Unless of course they encounter your grandmother's tablecloth, your 
silk blouse, a white dress shirt...

>I tried to dye with red cabbage once (an A&S contest for cabbage in 
>any medium), it gave a very pale seafoam green, not a desirable color at all.

If you're a former bridesmaid planning your own wedding (payback time 
for all of those ghastly dresses you've worn for your friends), 
seafoam green is an excellent color. Especially if there's a butt bow 
involved. >:-}

Not that I'd ever consider doing this, mind you...

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