[Sca-cooks] Khabisa with Pomegranate

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Lilinah wrote:
>Lady Anne du Bosc Known as Mordonna The Cook wrote:
> >Since the original recipe calls for "semolina" and not "ground semolina" or
> >"semolina flour", I would substitute wheat berries.  Whole different texture
> >going on, I'd think.
>I do not agree. Nearly all the recipes in the
>Andalusian cookbook that call for semolina treat
>it as a flour or at least a milled grain. In some
>one mixes it with water and works it with the
>hands, not what one would do with a whole grain.
>In the case of the Pomegranate Khabisa as well, i
>believe strongly that milled grain would be what
>would be used.
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I snipped all the recipes here for brevity...

I agree with Urtatim, the semolina is a type of flour, not whole 
wheat berries. It is very often ground coarser than typical flour but 
it is still milled.

The distinction made here between "semolina" and "flour" that appears 
in these recipes has more to do with whether it is hard durum wheat 
or a softer "bread" wheat that is the source of the flour. They do 
result in markedly different textures and it would not be unusual to 
use both in a recipe in order to achieve a firmer texture than soft 
wheat alone or a softer texture than semolina alone.


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