[Sca-cooks] Oranges and grapefruits and lemons, o my! was Salty carrots

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We don't have a Whole Foods in this town, but we have a local organic 
grocery co-op, I can ask them about Meyer lemons.
Shipping citrus out of Florida can get weird because of citrus canker, and 
efforts to control that have resulted in bitter battles between homeowners 
with ornamental trees , the state dept of agriculture, and the commercial 
citrus industry, what there is left of it in Florida. But I digress...
A few years back, Dan made a number of flavored syrups from various citrus 
fruits, and entered it into an Art/Sci as non-alcoholic period beverages, 
they were. Having a lot of peel left over, he then candied the peel and had 
that with the display, although I'm not sure if it was formally part of the 
entry. It was a big hit; I don't remember precisely which citrus fruits he 
used besides oranges and lemons, and he is away from home today so I will 
have to ask him this evening. Mixing the flavored syrups with cold water was 
wonderfully refreshing in the heat of a southern Trimaris summer. I'll 
mention this to him, I think he would like to weigh in on this discussion.
Still want to try salt-preserved lemons, the pickled ones look interesting 

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> Thanks for the source! I've thought of buying an assortment of fresh 
> citrus (my grandma used to send us a box of oranges or grapefruits every 
> year, at least, before the fruit fly became such an issue), but it's just 
> me here, and I've always figured I wouldn't be able to eat it all fast 
> enough!
> Myer lemons seem to be a seasonal thing--I've seen them in a couple of 
> stores here, but they're stores that are a bit more oriented towards fresh 
> produce/organic stuff than an ordinary Safeway. What I don't recall, off 
> the top of my head, is *when* they're in season.
> It occurs to me that you might be able to work with the produce manager of 
> your local store to get some in, especially if you've got anything like a 
> Whole Foods or a Trader Joe's.  We don't have those, but do have a local, 
> home-grown equivalent ("Good Food Store"....wonderful place!).  I've 
> thought of doing something like that to get in some quinces or sour 
> oranges....
> --Maire
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> carrots
>  Miare:
>  I'm sure it's a difference in what is shipped-I didn't even know key 
> limes
>  were shipped out of Florida; they are not that common even in the stores
>  here and the particular large ones I am thinking of were on a tree in a
>  friend's yard. You might could get the key lime juice in bottles; this 
> would
>  probably suffice for a pie.
>  Here's the grower my folks in West Palm Beach use to ship citrus to out 
> of
>  state relatives:
>  http://www.honeybell.com/<http://www.honeybell.com/>
>  We get a box from them at Christmas now too as we are now in North 
> Florida,
>  where home grown citrus is not as common. They just do oranges, 
> tangerines,
>  and grapefruit, it seems, but they are very tasty. It's a bit late in the
>  year now for them, but maybe next year.
>  It would be lovely to find a mail order source for Meyer lemons, as I've
>  never seen them in the stores here-but shipping citrus can get a little
>  squirrely. Hope this helps!
>  Cheers,
>  Isabella
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