[Sca-cooks] Military cooking, was Re: OT: Veracity of Entertainment Sources

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 31 09:40:30 PDT 2008

I'm not sure if you got that cast iron setup in the trailer, or if it's 
in my storage space, but let's get it out and try it out, maybe for 
Altavia Anniversary?  OK, it's not "period" but ain't nobody going to 
complain about fire-cooked meat.  Besides, the sight of you and I 
cooking together again will make a few heads turn.  Bwahaha.

You're not moving back to B'ham are you?  Well at least you have SCA 
companionship there, an escape from Family for minutes at a time.  ;-)


James Davis wrote:
> Oh, NOW you've gone and done it - you made me HUNgry at this hour of  
> the morning.
> Mind you, after six days in Birmingham and three different BBQ  
> restaurants and a whole bunch of home cookin', I shouldn't be hungry  
> for another month or so . . .
> I'd forgotten about Schwenkbraten -- we had a motor pool worker -- a  
> German civilian -- who'd set up one of those wrought-iron tripod  
> things like we got you for camping outside the motor pool over hot  
> coals and make that stuff.  Oh . . . mein . . . gott!
> Now I'm going to have to work it up here, or maybe for a camping  
> event . . .
> J

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