[Sca-cooks] artichokes vs cardoon

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Mon Mar 31 12:30:41 PDT 2008

Lilinah did speak thusly:

>And one final comment. At a cooking get-together at Duke Cariadoc's
>house, one of they cook prepared some cardoon parts. In that case, he
>used the leaves, which were quite bitter and tough. According to what
>i've been reading about cooking and eating cardoons, one avoids the
>leaves and uses the peeled *stalks*, which supposedly taste rather
>like artichoke hearts (i can't comment on this as i haven't eaten
>cardoon stalks yet). One can also eat the flower head, but i gather
>it isn't as "succulent" as an artichoke... again, no personal
>I mention this for anyone who has a hankering to try cardoons... it
>helps to eat the right parts. One would be quite physically sorry if
>one ate, for example, the leaves of tomatoes or potatoes, rather than
>the fruits of the former and the roots of the latter.
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The peeled stalks are what are used and they do indeed both taste 
like and have a similar texture to artichoke hearts.

BTW, it is a real shame that most artichokes sold in the U.S. are 
sold without their stalks. The peeled artichoke stalks are just as 
good as the heart in flavor and a little softer in texture.


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