[Sca-cooks] German Breads

Robin Carroll-Mann rcarrollmann at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 12:46:05 PDT 2008

On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 2:51 PM, euriol <euriol at ptd.net> wrote:

>  (http://www.florilegium.org/files/FOOD-BREADS/bread-msg.html) there is a
>  lot of good information on bread.

But alas, very little on German bread, which is what I'm searching fort.

>  I would also recommend Master Wulfric's website at
>  http://www.whirlwind-design.com/madbaker/demisun.html

Interesting (and I've bookmarked it), but again, nothing on German bread.

Brighid ni Chiarain
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