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Stefan wrote:
>Did you use the toasted sesame oil or the non-toasted (which I've yet
>to see)?

Dude, you're in Texas, aren't you? Home of Whole Foods. Stop in 
sometime for a look. At least i've found unroasted sesame oil in many 
Whole Foods in California and in Whole Foods in Philadelphia... ought 
to have it in Texas.

The deal is this:
sesame seed oil (unroasted) is used for cooking in the Middle East, 
quite common in al-Baghdadi

In its home base of EAST ASIA (China, Korea, Japan) the roasted 
sesame seed oil is not really used much as a cooking oil, but 
basically as a flavoring added near the end of cooking or to make 
uncooked dipping sauces.

Waaaaaay different. And the toasted is STILL inappropriate for Middle 
Eastern cooking.

The Ottomans rarely used it. They tended to use butter or fat-tail 
sheep tail-fat. In the palaces and upper classes olive oil was 
strictly for use in lamps.
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