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Mon Mar 31 19:00:17 PDT 2008

Drakey gave us a preview of his upcoming feast:
<<<< For those who don't yet know, there is a Sheepstealing Feast
after the
Sheepstealing Tourney in my Barony in July, which I am
cooking. A few people in my Barony have expressed a concern
that the food I have planned (Medieval Mongolian) might be a
touch weird...

So I've decided to put folks minds at rest by publishing the
menu (with recipes) ahead of time... >>>

I think you forgot to include the recipes. All I got were the  
ingredient lists with one or two brief instructions.

<<< Ingredients: Deer's Head and hooves,

Ingredients: Bear Meat

Ingredients: Wolf Meat

Ingredients: Sheep skins (clean, cook until tender),

Ingredients: Sheeps lung,

Ingredients: Sheeps heads,

Ingredients: Sheeps liver, stomach, kidney, heart, lung,
cow's cheese, >>>

Why did you choose to use cow's cheese here rather than sheep's milk  

<<< Ingredients: Fox meat,

Ingredients: Chinese badger meat,

Kumiss - Fermented Horsemilk

Take UHT Cowmilk and put into a bowl. Add yeast and leave in
the sun for 4 days. Blend in a large cheap blender until
smooth. Serve and throw away the blender...

Opinions? >>>

You seem to have managed to find sources for most of your exotic  
meats, but you couldn't find a source for Mare's milk???

Please write up your sources so I can add them to this file:
food-sources-msg  (68K)  1/31/08    Modern sources for unusual  
medieval meats
                                        and other foods.

PS: Lol. I read that as "a large, sheep blender..." but I imagine you  
really meant "a large, horse blender..."
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