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Herr Dietrich Strobelbart
Aleeasar Guild Principal

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Antonello, Orin, and I will be spending whatever time we have available
at events making ourselves available for impromptu drumming classes.  If
you see one of us sitting around not doing anything, ask for a lesson! 
Don't be shy!  We like to teach!  Whenever we teach someone else
something we know, we make ourselves stronger.

This goes for any of you other Aleeasar members who want to participate
too.  Get involved!  Teach a class!  In my humble opinion, this is one
of the best ways to spread the joy and knowledge of Middle Eastern
drumming, music, and dancing  to the area!

Personally, I will be bringing at least three drums with me to every
event I attend.  I intend to find a nice shady spot, set my drums out,
and start drumming.  Anyone who is interested in joining me is welcome,
especially beginners!  I love to teach, so don't be shy!  If you hear
drumming, come on by!  I'll try to have spare drums and handouts with me
at all times.   If you have a melodic or other percussion instrument you
would like to add to the mix, by all means, bring it on!  I will, of
course, attempt to find times and locations that will not interfere with
any official bardic activities, so the time and location will vary.

Yours in Service,
Herr Dietrich Strobelbart
Aleeasar Guild Principal

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