ANST - Shadowlands Shire Awards

Doug Bell debell at
Mon Feb 15 22:09:05 PST 1993

Greetings to all who used to 
reside in our fair shire

I would like to hear from anyone
who knows of a shire level award
given in Shadowlands since its
founding in 1977.  These
are not the kingdom level awards
but are instead local awards like
the Order of the Shadow and
the Meritorious Order of Shire of Shadowlands (MOSS).

There is a list from the heralds files but
I would like to make sure everyone who
received recognition is recorded.  Since
people are now scattered all over the kingdom I would
like help to make sure the records are complete.
These awards are recorded only at the local level and
I am trying to get the list completed by Ansteorran 
20th Year.

If you know of someone who received such an award
if you would please send their name and which of
the local shire awards they received 
to debell at

yours in service to our kingdom and shire

Magnus von Lubeck
Shadowlands herald
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