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Nan Bradford-Reid n.b-reid at MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU
Tue Aug 8 09:14:28 PDT 1995

>first return the blazon describes the wyvern as azure, but the person drew
>it with two colors, which could not be described heraldically.  To me this
>would be a case of artistic license, to them it is a return.

Blazon and emblazon it correctly and then when it passes, emblazon it the
way you wish.  The green I use on my arms is not true heraldic green (which
is really nasty), but a deep forest green.  The time to use artistic
license is after all the i's have been dotted, etc.  It's much easier and
you get your arms through faster.


>|   Mordraut Freyulf


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