FW: Queen's Champion tournament

Todd Marsh tmarsh at airmail.net
Tue Aug 8 08:54:43 PDT 1995

I said:

>The most surprising entrant was Don Simonn of Amber Isle.  

Stefan li Rous replied:

I fear I do not know this man. Why was he the most surprising
entrant, pray tell?

He was surprising for the same reason that you do not know him.  Simonn and Tessa have not been playing much in recent years.  

**Disclaimer: I've only been playing for 10 years.  Most of the following was before me time, so I learned it second hand.  Any inaccuracies are my own.

Simonn is a Viscount and Count of Ansteorra.  He is a Master of the Laurel and a Knight.  Princess Tessa awarded Lord Tivar with the Cavalier of Ansteorra.  Soon a charter was written, and the Cavalier became the Order of the White Scarf of Ansteorra (now a kingdom).  Tivar is the only Cavalier.  The Academy of the Rapier IX book cover has a wonderful drawing of Tessa pinning a White Scarf onto Tivar.  Too bad it didn't happen that way.  Simonn and Tessa were Baron and Baroness of Bordermarch for 9 years.

Does this help you understand why many in the rapier community admire and respect them, and were happy to see them again?


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