Devices - was - Re: Heraldre idea, cont...

I. Marc Carlson IMC at
Tue Aug 8 13:59:29 PDT 1995

<Savian<James Crouchet <crouchet at>>>
>And you were right, mostly. Take, for instance, a lion, dormant. Or a 
>bear, dormant. Or a panther, dormant. In herald-eze we call this a 
>meatloaf. It is often difficult or impossible to tell one species of 
>meatloaf from another on the devices we get. For purposes of conflict 
>checking we must check all meatloaves. But to register it we want to name 
>the particular meatloaf YOU wanted. The balzon can give us an otherwise 
>absent clue.
>Now if your meatloaf looks more like an eagle, displayed but is blazoned 
>as a lion, dormant our little heraldic brains will overload and we will 
>come back to you to find out what you really wanted.

Besides, in theory, one could conceivably render the silly thing, from
the blazon only, which means that it make more sense for those of us
who couldn't draw a picture to save our lives :)


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