FW- Queen's Champion tou

Nan Bradford-Reid n.b-reid at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Aug 8 10:46:24 PDT 1995

>Llywelyn comments:
>I said:
>>The most surprising entrant was Don Simonn of Amber Isle.
>Stefan li Rous replied:
>I fear I do not know this man. Why was he the most surprising
>entrant, pray tell?
>He was surprising for the same reason that you do not know him.  Simonn
>and Tessa have not been playing much in recent years.
>[... A nice decription of Don Simonn and his lady snipped ...}
>Does this help you understand why many in the rapier community admire and
>respect them, and were happy to see them again?
>Yes, it does. Catherine also sent me a good description by email. Thank
>you both. I
>would like to add both your comments to my Ansteorran history file if I may.
>  Stefan li Rous



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