Devices - was - Re: Heraldre idea, cont...

Elizabeth Shahan ecs at
Tue Aug 8 15:41:40 PDT 1995

On Tue, 8 Aug 1995 C11Hartel at wrote:

> Hi Ho all!
> Great discussion on heraldry...I myself am a herald and would LOVE to be able
> being a bit to scholarly for my tastes.  If this thread turns out to be a
> feasible thing sign me up for helping.
> Moriel^^^
Sign you up? Why not just start doing it? There are no rules against it 
and there seems to be a small demand for it, so if you love it, DO IT! 
More power to all of you intersted. I'll help draw, if you need, I can do 
that but am not so good at heraldic design althoug I understand the rules 
and language.


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