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Chris Walden cmwalden at bga.com
Mon Aug 7 16:17:49 PDT 1995

In speaking with Otto, Savien's cadet, he was describing a program he had
seen on the English King of Arms.  He described the manner in which arms
were awarded and created.  Apparently, in England, when you are granted
arms, the Armorial office contacts you.  If you have any thoughts, they'll
accept them and "see what they can do."  Then they look into your history
and create a set of arms for you.

When my arms were created, the good Lady Catherine Harwell (sp?) offered to
help me out.  I agreed to just let her come up with something that she
though would be appropriate.  She came up with something that represented
some of my historical and personal interests in a way that is simple and
pleasant to look at.  (Per chevron, azure and sable, in chief five amulets
interlaced, in base a fleur de lis sable)

What if some people who were good book heralds and had a love an interest in
improving the visual heraldry started "playing."  Blazons could be created
and passed up to the kingdom level, but left unassigned.  When someone
wanted something, they could say "I'd kind of like an eagle in it" or
something to that effect.  They could then be presented with a set of
choices that were guaranteed to pass.  The list would have to be updated as
conflicting arms were passed, but it would allow a different method of
acquiring arms for people who aren't that good at the book end.

If this went on long enough, and people got used to it, we would see an
upswing in good artistic heraldry.  It might even become pass
I remain Yours, etc.
Antonio Bastiano
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