Problem solving

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Fri Aug 4 08:14:52 PDT 1995

Alden says:

>        Beating people over the head doesn't give you an understanding of
>either the law, or leadership. This class might help to do both.

This I agree with. I don't think I would want to make the classes a
requirement to enter crown, but I certainly think it ought to be encouraged
by custom or otherwise.

Medieval kings were generally taught from birth to lead and about those
laws that affected them. (and there were fewer) Sometimes it worked.
Sometimes it didn't. Either way, we don't have this time to develop our
kings. These classes are a quick way to give the king-wanna-bes at least 
an overview of the job they are thinking of taking on.

How many times a year are these classes taught? Does this include the
fairly small time that a future king is a crown prince? Sounds iffy.
That's why I think all candidates should have it.

Stefan li Rous

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