Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Wed Aug 9 14:27:00 PDT 1995

>>Does this indicate that Bison's Run has cancelled their event, which was 
>>scheduled for this weekend?

>You might want to call the Autocrat's on that one.

Well, I probably would have, except that the only evidence I had that 
they were holding an event was from a posting here of the Kingdom 
Calendar (& considering Mooneschadoweshire is the second closest group 
to them, I would expect to receive something in the mail about the 
event, since I'm still listed as silly-schal in the Blackstar.) There 
was no flier about the event in the August Black Star & many people here 
in Mooneschadowe were wondering about the event. (We want to talk them 
into using the BoyScout site. A swimming pool in August!! yes!! & the 
site is wonderfully cheap to, which should be a big plus for a new 
group. In fact, many people disliked the site they used last year [no 
water, no shade, not in August].


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