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Thu Aug 10 16:22:02 PDT 1995

After reading eveything that has thus far been posted on the subject of what
the crowns know or do not know, blah, blah, blah...
This is the first post I identiy with.  Some of you know I belong to other
organizations that have the same turnover rate as the SCA.  Because of this
turn over rate I have collected comments from at lest four other sources on
leadership, expense, pitfalls, rewards, attitude, etc...  I gift this in a
decorated folder to the new leader(s) and their counterparts of the modern
and not so modern organizations.  It is not a class.  It is not a lecture.
 It is a summary of other humans' experiance at being a leader in these
times.  This board and the realto and a member of this board have been
invaluble sources.  I found that I oft wish I had the benefit of this folder
when I was in a position such as these.  I know that it is appreciated, I am
often reminded and even get a request every so often of the latest point that
is being discussed.  

My Point?  Well if you feel so strongly about the job a future Crown is going
to do you of all organizations has the best of all worlds.  Your new Crown is
announced ahead of time enough so that you can give them that golded folder.
 It need not be something presented at court, it is not for kudos that you
are doing it.  As I have learned, the most appreciated gift a Crown can
receive is oft received in private off to one side surrounded by friends.

Lady Chiara

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