Heraldry goo goo...

Chris Walden cmwalden at bga.com
Sat Aug 12 18:59:11 PDT 1995

I said:
>Just a quick paradigm check.  I hear you say that you don't feel that period
>styles or conventions should be required for officially registering arms in
>the SCA.  Is that what you meant to say?  If so, does this creative freedom
>extend to costuming, names, fighiting styles, etc?

Then LITCH said:
>Isn't that already the case?  [etc.]

BUZZZZ!  Thank you very much for playing, but you put your answer in the
form of a question.  I want to know what you THINK.  Not what you observe.
I remain Yours, etc.
Antonio Bastiano
or cmwalden at bga.com

[Words mean things.  No...really.]

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