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> > blah, blah, blah...
> >I have collected comments from at lest four other sources on
> >leadership, expense, pitfalls, rewards, attitude, etc...  I gift this in a
> >decorated folder to the new leader(s)
> > the most appreciated gift a Crown can
> >receive is oft received in private off to one side surrounded by friends.
> Really?
> I would have thought that making soemthing like that publically available
> to everyone would be better, that way anyone who is considering entering
> crown might get an idea of what has gone through the minds of the people on
> the throne or even for the people who never will fight in crown and who
> just want some idea of the factors behind the force which might effect
> them.
> Doing it that way smacks a whole lot of cliquish toadying.
> >Ciao
> >Ches
> >Lady Chiara
> -Michael
Some of the information is publically available. Corporea and the 
ByLaws of the SCA should be read by anyone who is even thinking about 
a major office especially one so important as crown and it is 
publically available. Another is Kingdom Law. The Seneschal and other 
officer hand books either are or should be available soon through 
the Kingdom Stockclerk. Seneschal classes have been available to all 
those who wish to attend them. (I remember seeing about 20 members of 
"Rivertree" attend one of them so they would have a basic knowledge 
of the SCA).

My "bible" when I get really burnt out on the assholes and backbiting 
and dishonourable conduct that sometimes escalates in a closeknit 
group such as ours is Bright Ideas and True Confessions written by 
Aefledd of Duckford (recent former E.D. and Lots of experience as a 
Crown and Kindom Officer in many aspects of the SCA). As a seneschal 
in a group distant (at that time) from the rest of Ansteorra it 
helped me gain a larger picture of the game we play and how to keep 
the crap from getting me down. And how to keep my group from getting 
inbred. (available from the author who also publishes Thinkwell- 
which is kind of the Rialto except in a more intellectual vein)

And last but not least --- my favorite thing to hand to a new person -
The Known World Handbooke (available from the Society Stock Clerk)

These things are great general things for everyone who plays in the 
SCA, but rest assured that no matter how good the information or how 
available there will be people who will blatently ignore it. Also 
when you are a new proto-monarch in our society it is difficult to 
discern good advice from bad and those who wish you well and may have 
bad advice from those who give you bad advice to trip you up.

Lorraine DeerSlayer

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