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Mon Aug 14 16:32:26 PDT 1995

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> > Antonio writes:
> > >THE IDEA:
> > >What if some people who were good book heralds and had a love an interest in
> > >improving the visual heraldry started "playing."  Blazons could be created
> > >and passed up to the kingdom level, but left unassigned.  When someone
> > >wanted something, they could say "I'd kind of like an eagle in it" or
> > >something to that effect.  They could then be presented with a set of
> > >choices that were guaranteed to pass.  The list would have to be updated as
> > >conflicting arms were passed, but it would allow a different method of
> > >acquiring arms for people who aren't that good at the book end.
> > 
> > Umm.....it's a GREAT idea, Antonio! In fact; it's been called the "Fire &
> > Forget Consultation Table" for about four years now! Unfortunately, when we
> > changed Star Principal Heralds (a couple of times!) plus the changes in the
> > rules and such, it kind of fell by the wayside! ....So? Regionals? Keif? Any
> > chance of reviving this dead horse?
> >                   In Service, I remain
> >                   Alden Pharamond
> >                   Mendersham, Ansteorra
> Kief says go for it Alden.
> Lorraine DeerSlayer
Actually from time to time People have done them (even during the 
rough times) and The Northern, Central and Coastal regionals will 
from time to time organize such things in their territories and will 
also organize mini flying symposium to help people out with heraldic 
and a&s and fighting matters in group situations.

Lorraine DeerSlayer

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