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Jennifer Kubenka jkubenka at sun.cis.smu.edu
Wed Aug 16 02:24:23 PDT 1995

Greetings, good gentles:

Per this conversation concerning heraldic education, and per the 
Barony of Elfsea's usual practice concerning local events (not 
Kingdom-level), my Lord husband Archibald, Nautilus Pursuivant for 
Elfsea, Ld LLwelyn (who posts on this list quite frequently), and 
several others involved with the heraldry aspect of the Society will 
be offering, once again, an heraldic consultation table at our 
Baronial College to be held in November.

I have only been in the Society for a little over 2 years, all of it 
residing in Elfsea, and at every local event, the Herald's Office has 
run an heraldic consultation table.  

We bring the entire Heraldic Library, jillions of photocopied 
submission forms, pencils, pens, colored pencils, and anything else 
we think might help people in their heraldic research.

We have not tried to run the heraldic consultation table at a Kingdom-level 
event hosted by Elfsea; should we try to do so, we will post to the 
list and in the BlackStar for volunteers.

I enjoy the heraldic consultation table very much, as I am learning 
much about heraldry and and naming practices.  

In Service, 

Emher ni Maille

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