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>Elfsea ... will
>be offering, once again, an heraldic consultation table

To quote Antonio from a different thread, "Tres Cool!"

  As Tempio's new herald I just ran an all-day heraldic consultation in order
to get as many of our people's re-submissions in as possible. (what a day
that was!)  It surprised me when 4 of our newcomers showed up with an avid
interest as did two of our older members.  The big surprise was when my
husband jumped in and starting doing consultations with a few of our members.
 I guess it just goes to show that heradry can be accessed and learned by
all... :-}

Should I be able to attend any of the Elfsea events in which you have your
heraldic table set up I'd be glad to help.

Moriel^^^(look at me hide and grin as Star
              opens a packet with 5 new subs.
              and 6 re-subs...) Tee-hee...

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