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> >Elfsea ... will
> >be offering, once again, an heraldic consultation table
> To quote Antonio from a different thread, "Tres Cool!"

Well, thank you.  I shall pass such a comment on to my lord husband 
the official herald; he will appreciate the terminology and the 

>   As Tempio's new herald I just ran an all-day heraldic consultation
>   in order to get as many of our people's re-submissions in as possible. (what
> a day that was!)  It surprised me when 4 of our newcomers showed up
> with an avid interest as did two of our older members.  The big
> surprise was when my husband jumped in and starting doing
> consultations with a few of our members.

I think this is part of it, Moriel; sometimes, a little visibility 
can go a VERY long way.  

>  I guess it just goes to show that heradry can be accessed and
>  learned by all... :-}

I find that checking for conflict and researching names is pretty 
much like what I do mundanely: catalog books, check for possible 
conflicts in the database, and assign something specific and 
different to each book in order to distinguish it from every other 
book in the collection, i.e, a call number.

> Should I be able to attend any of the Elfsea events in which you
> have your heraldic table set up I'd be glad to help.

Thank you again.  I will relay the information to my lord husband, 
and we both appreciate your willingness to help!

> Moriel^^^(look at me hide and grin as Star
>               opens a packet with 5 new subs.
>               and 6 re-subs...) Tee-hee...

Good for you!



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