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> For all of you mead brewers out there, just got this from the Lochac list.

Here is the recipe that me and Maite use for making mead. It turns out
wonderful. We usually let it go about 9 months total before


Recipe is from Lord Normaan Boucharde via Lady Damaris who taught
me how to brew. The original recipe is from Lord Alexander.

12 lbs   Honey (preferably local)
5 lbs    White Granulated Sugar
6 to 8   Small Lemons
2        Large Oranges
1 1/2    Cups Orange Juice
1 4" pc  Ginger Root (bruise with the flat of a knife)
3 sticks Cinnamon
6 bags   Twinning Earl Grey Tea
2 whole  Star Anise
1/8 tsp  Cardamom (no more than 1/8)
2 pkgs   Champagne or Ale Yeast

In a large pot, bring 1 gal. water to a boil.  Add honey slowly, keeping
near boiling.  Bring mixture back to full boil.  Remove sudsy foam.  This
is beeswax and will kill the yeast.

Add sugar and dissolve.
Cut oranges and lemons into halves and squeeze into mixture. (use strainer)
Add Orange juice.
Add squeezed peels. (use cheese cloth bag)

Remove from heat.
Add tea and rest of seasonings.
After 45 min. remove teabags.

Let cool to 98 degrees and add yeast.
Let cool to 80 degrees and remove all seasonings.
(I recommend letting this cool at room temp. so that the seaonings will
have time to steep.)

Pour into 5 gal. carboy and add water to 5 gal.  Mix as best as possible.
I'd recommend shaking the bottle once 3/4 full, mixing a full carboy is

Seal with airlock and store in cool dry place.

(Mead is said to be drinkable in a week.)

Rack after 2-3 months.  Mead should start to clear after about 3 months.
(This is when I usually rack it.)

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