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Chris Walden cmwalden at bga.com
Thu Aug 17 08:14:55 PDT 1995

n.b-reid at MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU (Nan Bradford-Reid) wrote:
>The next time you are at an event with Don Sentri' and Dona Juliana, check
>out their gear (both clothing and cases and boxes, everything)  He has made
>wonderful leather cases to carry things in and he makes the most incredible
>period shoes and of course Juliana's clothing for the two of them is just
>that, clothing, not costume.  Wow!  Those are the kinds of "examples" which
>encourage me and should be taken as inspiration by all those interested in
>what we are all about.

Excelent examples.  These people are doing wonderful stuff, and to my point 
of view they are almost completely unapproachable for someone who is not on 
their level.  I would love to experience more of what they have to offer, 
but their circle does not appear to be opened.  I would rather that we lead 
by example with an open door policy.  Don't just let people see you do 
things, but SHOW them what you're doing.

At Queen's we had the big tent and set it up as a Pavilion near the list 
field.  We had brand new people (still had the tags on them) who found 
themselves mixed with the likes of Tivar and Ithelian (sp?).  We dined 
together in that tent and they shared in our festivities and our discussion. 
 Were the the paragon of periodicity?  No!  Did they feel a part of things 
and get some ideas as to where they want to go with what they're doing?  

I remain Yours, etc.
Antonio Bastiano
or cmwalden at bga.com

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