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> I guess it just goes to show that heradry can be accessed and learned by
>all... :-}

I think that it's excelent that people are jumping in and working more with 
Heraldry.  However, as I've spent more time in the SCA, I've begun to 
challenge the notion I was raised with that everyone *should* get involved 
in Heraldry.  For myself, I enjoy the pomp and circumstance of Field and 
Court Heraldry.  I think I do a reasonable job of helping to create the 
right atmosphere on those occasions.  However, I do not have the right make 
up to enjoy the Heraldic Debate that occurs when one becomes involved in 
book heraldry to a great degree.  I would rather give my thoughts on what 
I'd like to do and let some skilled herald "handle it."  I think that this 
is a perfectly appropriate attitude for someone of "my station."  

Now the queston that arises from this sort of thinking is what is truly 
appropriate for one to be a well rounded individual in the SCA?  The big 
three were always Fighting, Costuming and Heraldry.  Are we perhaps evolving 
into a society that better reflects a real society, where people have 
diverse skills, and it takes the sum of the parts to really make it work?

That last paragraph is more thinking with my fingers, and is probably much 
better conversation over a pint.  In fact, I'd rather not turn this into 
another dead horse.  Everyone who is interested in exploring this sort of 
philosophy email me privately and we'll arrange to get together, somehow, 

I remain Yours, etc.
Antonio Bastiano
or cmwalden at bga.com

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