Period Heraldric Styles...

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Thu Aug 17 08:45:23 PDT 1995

> > 1) Period Style
> > 2) All others
> I don't really see why we would bother protecting oop stuff. Did I miss
> the part where the SCA's timeframe was expanded to infinity?

No, you missed the point that it we aren't *required* to wear period
clothes, so why bother? It's the same thing. This is just a matter of
you are telling people who only use Period Styles that they are cool,
and everyone else isn't. Just another place to encourage instead of

> I had assumed
> that the tollerance the SCA had for oop was based on the idea that, "yes
> these things don't really belong in our game, but we aren't gonna make a
> stink 'cause we're nice guys". This looks more like, "Sure, we do
> Victorian and Elvish and Toon and Vulcan and 20th C. too! Anything ya
> like!" If this is our attitude let's just give up on this history thing 
> and admit we're just the world's longest running SF con.

You mean all those people who got heraldry in the early days are now
discouraged from playing because they don't have period heraldry?

> Also, anything in the 'All others' category would still have to be in 
> heraldic style, or we could not use the heraldic language to describe it. 
> If we can't describe it we can't check for conflicts. And if you don't 
> care about conflicts, why register it?

That's fine with me! Heraldry doesn't have to be undescribable, and I
never said it didn't have to to be. Just that it doesn't have to be
"period" style.

> This area of the game is the only one where periodness is actually
> enforced, and you don't have to register arms or your name unless you want
> to!

Why have one area and not others? Implies that it's elitest to me.

> You can display anything you want, so long as it is not already
> registered, and you never have to say boo to a herald. So, what's the
> deal? I really don't see why folks get so bent about the heralds enforcing
> a little periodness in this OPTIONAL service. 

It's optional whether to go to events or not. Do we force periodness
there? No! The entire SCA is optional, why have *one* part of it enforce


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