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Thu Aug 17 09:08:22 PDT 1995

> My lord is interested in learning to brew and it seems that a Carboy is
> required for these recipes. Where can one be bought?

A 5 gal jug is not needed. All of the meads that I have made, I have
made in the 1 gallon glass jugs that apple juice can be bought in. If
you start off by making cider you can even use the apple juice :-).

If you use one gallon jugs you risk less if things don't work out.
Although, I've never had a mead fail. Also, for those whose space
is limited, one gallon jugs fit under the bathroom or kitchen sink.

Wheatsville Co-op is a good local source for the stoppers and the
fermentation locks that make brewing easier. They also have (or at
least used to have, I haven't been by in a year or two) a good
supply of yeasts.

You can buy them at any Home Brew store for an outrageous amount (~$15)
or you can just go to a grocery store and get one of the water jugs for
the cost of deposit (~$6). Btw, that's all a carboy is, a water jug
that's ~5 gallons. (in most cases)

Btw, there has been discussion of having a Bryn Gwlad brewers "guild", but
it's never come to fruit. *sigh*

There used to be a Bryn Gwlad brewers guild about five years ago, but
then everyone started doing more on their own than with the group.

On getting information on brewing:

Here are the files I have available:

beer.msg		(20K)	12/ 7/93	Making beer, period beer.
beverages.msg     (99K)  1/11/95	Beverages in general. alcholic drinks.
beverages-NA.msg	(50K)	 1/11/95	Non-alcoholic beverages.
coffee.msg		(17K)	 3/ 2/94	Coffee and coffee-type drinks.
kumiss.msg		(18K)	 4/19/94	Mongol drink made from mare's milk.
kvass.msg		(24K)	12/ 3/93	Russian drink made from bread or grains.
mead.msg		(95K)	 1/23/95	Making mead. Honey based alcholic beverage.
wine.msg		(9K)	 3/20/95	Medieval wines.

As you can see there have been a fair number of messages on mead. I also
have at least one book that has been published on mead brewing.

If anyone would like copies of these files just let me know. They are
available at a WWW site, too.

Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
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