More mead (was Re: sca-lochac Mead Recipe)

Pug pug at
Thu Aug 17 10:22:22 PDT 1995

> [lochhac recipe using chapagne yeasts]
> >2 pkgs   Champagne or Ale Yeast
> Champagne yeast are popular for a lot of meads  have seen, you get a nice
> high alcohol level and they deal fairly well with fermining honey but from
> what I have read/heard the light high alchoholwiney meads are not really
> period. That the thicker lower alcohol ale styles are more like the period
> brews.

With Ale yeast we are getting a real good alcohol content (~12-14%) just
because we let it ferment out. (Too many people are impatient.) The other
advantage is that Ale yeast is less finiky than Champagne yeast. I've
had a lot more batches with Champagne yeast go bad than with Ale yeast.
(Maybe I'll try it when I'm feeling daring again.)


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