Period Heraldric Styles...

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Thu Aug 17 11:37:45 PDT 1995

> >Cause I feel arbitrarily deciding *one* thing is period an all others
> >aren't is childish. I'd love to see everyone be period in all matters,
> >but they aren't. Why force period heraldry down their throat just
> >because they want to ensure their arms are unique?
> First, let's substitute "proper" for the word period.

Is proper considered to be during the time period associated with the SCA
or just a term to try and get rid of the word period? Lots of things are
proper, such as using ratan and duct tape for fighting, but it's not

> Second, I would prefer people go through the CoH and check for conflicts
> because I'm going to be really p****d if I walk out on the field at at
> event and someone is flying a banner that is remarkably similar to mine
> just because they didn't have the courtesy to check and someone told them
> "Oh, you can display anything you want"!

This is the only reason why I was trying to suggest an alternative!


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