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Fri Aug 18 11:28:05 PDT 1995

Antonio batherred about:
>Now the queston that arises from this sort of thinking is what is truly 
>appropriate for one to be a well rounded individual in the SCA?  The big 
>three were always Fighting, Costuming and Heraldry.  Are we perhaps evolving 
>into a society that better reflects a real society, where people have 
>diverse skills, and it takes the sum of the parts to really make it work?

No dead horse, Antonio; but I dunno when we'll get to *share* a pint! So,
here it is. 
        I think You have made a good start on defining the
Well-Rounded-Individual(tm); however, I don't think it was by listing the
things that were capitalized. I think you were closer to the mark with
NUMBER of things. ("...Three being the Number of the Counting; and the
Number of the Counting Shall Be...Three...") It isn't so much WHAT three
things you do, (unless you're worried about "getting noticed" by "the right
people") but that you involve yourself in different aspects of the
Period/Medieval/Renaissance (all lumped together to equal "SCA") experience.
IMHO, it doesn't matter if it's Fighting/Costuming/Heraldry, or
Bardcraft/Research/Falconry, or Calligraphy/Illumination/Brewing (Rolanda
says: Brewing/Brewing/Brewing.) The point is that by experiencing different
aspects (albeit small ones) of a period, you *start* to get an overview of
the *whole* period. The more you learn, the more you connect, and so begin
to understand the culture better. And isn't that what we are trying to do
here? (Naw! What a stupid idea! Hey, I understand that Worf is going to be
Guest-of-Honor at our next Con...uhh...Event!) (Just a joke, folks!)

        In Service (and hoping I've accomplished a little
        more than attending a 30-year-long S.F. Con), I remain
        Alden Pharamond
        Mendersham, Ansteorra

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