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R. Michael Litchfield litch at
Thu Aug 17 16:44:06 PDT 1995

> I would have
>to assume that the SCA was a social sporting group that had suddenly been
>overrun with fanatics who were shoving unwanted history lessons down
>people's throats.

Apt despription of a number of events I have seen.

> I am just amazed at the attitudes that I see
>expressed here.  You people are so hung up on "enforcement" and people
>trampling on your rights.  If you want to draw 3-D penises and have
>camoflage T-tunics with winky-blink lights all over them and call yourself
>Arnold the King of Prussian Land Fills, I just couldn't care less.

That is not what is being suggested (actually reading what people have been
posting might be a useful start for figuring such things out). The only
suggestion is that the College of Heraldry cease to refuse to register devices
because they use Out of Period styles. There is a hell of a long way between
that and what you describe, if you would calm down you might notice the

People clearly want to use such thing, take a look at how many devices get
bumped for landscape, 3D, treatments, etc. multiply times ten or twenty
that for all the ones that get turned down by local heralds before it ever
gets to a commentary. It is a fairly clear sign to me that people want it.

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