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Elizabeth Shahan ecs at
Thu Aug 17 17:05:58 PDT 1995

It is my understanding that "supporters" come in pairs and are 
heraldically registerable. If these are single figures, no mantling, etc. 
then they do seem to be clearly something else. If those figure look like 
the person that owns those arms then they are portraits. This is heraldic 
display, or use of heraldry in display and not a display of an 

I say go for it. However you may want to look at some period and SCA 
achievments to understand them better so that YOU can be sure that what 
you are doing is something else.


On Thu, 17 Aug 1995, I. Marc Carlson wrote:

> >     I have a cross-stitch embrodiery book that has human figures 
> >standing upright with one hand on top of a shield which is standing on 
> >its point next to them... 
> >when the local herald saw what I was working on, she said something 
> >about "supporters" and "the heralds won't like it"....
> My thought, not being a herald, is that as with the Knightly White Belt,
> and lots of Metal stuff on your head, as these are *Society Reserved*
> dumaflagies, Supporters, etc. should probably be avoided on things you
> are making for SCA purposes.
> OTOH, if you were making them for yourself, to hang in your home, for your
> own appreciation, put the stupid things in there.
> Diarmuit

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