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Paul DeLisle pdelisle at
Thu Aug 17 19:14:00 PDT 1995

>People clearly want to use such thing, take a look at how many devices get
>bumped for landscape, 3D, treatments, etc. multiply times ten or twenty
>that for all the ones that get turned down by local heralds before it ever
>gets to a commentary. It is a fairly clear sign to me that people want it.

(*sigh* And I promised myself I wouldn't respond to any of these posts.....)
What's your point, Michael? (and again and again and again, What's your
point?) "People" want a *lot* of things. In order to maintain a even a
*semblence* of Historical authenticity and accuracy, THEY CAN'T *HAVE* THEM.
People also want (the afore-mentioned) private body parts, Swastickas,
random geometric shapes, copyrighted art, pastels, modern neon colors,
un-identifiably tiny (or complex) charges, and the list goes on and on. You
want elitist, Michael? Okay, here ya go: "In order to maintain a period
Medieval/Renaissance environment, the College of Arms discourages the use
of, and will refuse to register, any use of obtrusively modern/mundane art
or artistic concepts in an SCA Heraldic context. This is said by me; From my
eight or so years experience in the Ansteorran College of Heralds, and as
Equinox Herald. It is *not* an "official" law, but a simple distillation of
many SCA College of Arms (and Ansteorran College of Heralds) Rules of
submission, policy letters, and Laurel King of Arms Precedents (I won't bore
you with the numbers; if you want 'em, I'll be glad to E-mail 'em to you.) 
        I'm sorry, Michael; but I've never been terribly interested in being
"Politically Correct". *I* *am* an elitist, and I'm proud of it. *I*, Alden
Pharamond, proudly stand up and tell the world (who probably doesn't want to
hear it) that *I* feel that this is *not* alright, that I disapprove of the
idea that "whatever you want to do is okay", that I try to live up to these
ideals, and that I expect nothing out of others that I do not expect out of
myself. I'll be your scapegoat, Michael. *I* am *not* "one of the masses",
and I think I'm part of a Society that encourages striving for *excellence*,
not mediocrity. If all these people you seem to know still want to do these
non-period or incorrect things after having proper Heraldry (or costuming,
or bardcraft, or whatever) explained to them; well, *I* would invite them to
seek elsewhere, perhaps by starting their *own* group. Because they
*obviously* won't get what they want out of *this* group. These *are* our
rules; call them Elitist if you wish. 
                  In Service, I remain
                  Alden Pharamond
                  Mendersham, Ansteorra

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