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Fri Aug 18 06:44:42 PDT 1995

Sorry. Just had to on this one.

> Clothing has been restricted for a long time in the SCA. Since I 
> think 1973 when the SCA as a WHOLE decided to be a HISTORICAL 
> organization rather than a historical/fantasy organization. To go to 
> an SCA event you have to attempt pre-1600 costume (it's in Corporea). 
> We encourage GOOD costuming by example. 

That's the difference I see as between the rest of SCA and the CoH.

> A lot of them are no longer playing. (Exception -the Bellatrixs)

Yes, but can they fly their arms if they do play? Or do we make
exceptions to those people who have been in longer?

> Heralds don't pun --- they cant.

My mistake. *smile*

> >Fine with me. How about the 2 groups being period and modern 
> >heraldry then?
> And you think it takes forever to register a device now???? 

I don't see this method taking any longer. I don't see how it could. You
have the same number of people doing submissions, the only thing is you
will not have to return all of them that use modern heraldry. Sounds to
me like it would eventually cut down since people won't have to resubmit,
as many, multiple times. *shrug*

> Kief spends 40-60 hours a week doing the bulk of the work in the 
> kingdom herald's office (not to mention the large amounts of time 
> others VOLUNTEER to consult, run local offices, check for conflict, 
> comment, enter the data on submissions, publish and mail all this 
> stuff)

I understand it's misserable, and not a job I would want/like. I like
being a Chronicler, but heraldry, on the other hand, is not something
that I find that fascinating.

> We are elitest, we expect people to behave in certian manners and 
> when they do not we exclude them and ignore them.

Now if we could just get rid of the elitism that is associated with
people playing the politics that hurts people. (Rumormongering,
backstabbing, etc. *sigh*) Unfortunately elitism is all too typically
associated with the bad aspects instead of the good.


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