Different types...

Fox Purtill blackfox at eden.com
Fri Aug 18 06:46:29 PDT 1995

>     1.)Armoury (creation and research of)
>     2.)Name research (fits in closely enough with "our" heraldry that I lump
>it here)
>     3.)Field heraldry
>     4.)Court heraldry
>     5.)Precedence (see #2)

 My persoanl choice is Court or Field heraldry, I currently plan on making
myself more available soon for both.  I'll also be looking into marshaling
and medic.  I may do a bit of fighting again (it's been years), but I think
I'll go for the safety factor for a time.

 I love the game of the dream, but I prefer to see those playing be able to
keep playing.

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