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James Crouchet crouchet at
Fri Aug 18 07:13:30 PDT 1995

So, if this problem is public knowledge, does anyone out there know what 
it is?

        Of particular interest to me was the establishment of the
contents of the Executive Session. This included several "Under
the Rocks" matters brought up by the Society Seneschale (see
accompanying Editorial). These were discussions of the Nord-
mark secession movement, a problem in Ansteorra, a possible
(not actual) banishment in Trimaris, and "a problem in Calontir".


Editorial: UNDER A ROCK?
        Several items of discussion were sent to Executive
(Secret) Session during both the Board Working Session and the
Board Meeting itself. These included not only discussion of
personnel, but also the Budget and three highly political situa-
tions -- one each in Trimaris, Ansteorra, and Drachenwald. These
situations were public knowledge to all the non-Board people
sitting in the room, to a greater or lesser extent.  In the case of
the Drachenwald crisis, the threatened secession of the entire
Barony of Nordmark (Sweden), there was at least one person
who was excluded from the Board's discussion who had direct
knowledge of the situation which the Board did not have! Each
of these cases was classified by Sedalia as an "Under the Rocks"

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