Period Heraldric Styles

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Fri Aug 18 09:34:24 PDT 1995

Michael and I were discussing the "benefits" of the College of Heralds:
>>> I agree with Savian, if one
>>>doesn't want real heraldry, why be concerned with what the heralds think,
>>Decause i might not want someone else using my device.
>I'm sorry but registering your device doesn't prevent
>someone else from using your device. Tell me, what
>would you do if you registered your device and then
>found someone else using it?

You are correct, allow me to rephrase it,

Thank you. Please do.

I don't want someone else using my device unknowingly.

Unless it is publicly recorded someone else has no way of knowing
that i choose to bear such a device, and they cannot make the decision
in an informed manner.

Yes, much better. And I can't see an easy solution. The only two I
see are:

1) Change the fundamental concepts upon which the College of Heraldry
was formed.


2) Develop your own college to register those devices the current
college refuses to register due to not being heraldry or post-period

Personally, I am strongly against no. 1.

Pray tell me though, what is the device that you are wanting that
is unregisterable by the college under the current rules? Perhaps
it is not really unregisterable after all, or perhaps we may be able
to suggest changes that would make both you and the college happy?

Or is this only a philosophy discussion for you, anyway?

Stefan li Rous


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